Volcano Hot Pot


Our first and original location was opened in the heart of Kissimmee off of 192. Due to the popularity and success of our first location, we eventually branched out and opened a location in Tallahassee as well. We offer a unique dining experience with AYCE buffet style in both traditional hot pot and BBQ. For now, our main locations are the 192 one located right by Disney and the newly opened one off of International Drive right by Universal. Swing by and see what all the hype is about in our restaurant! See what people are talking about “Good broth, good service, and clean restaurant.”


The BBQ option is just a few dollars additional. BBQ is where you will have a grill in the middle of the table to grill your ingredients. At Volcano, we have many variety of marinated meats, seafood, and vegetables for the grill. All of the ingredients is freshly prepared on the buffet bar you just go up to the buffet and get whatever you want. We will set up the grill with a layer of melted butter so that your meats won’t get stuck to the grill. We also have a well-equipped sauce bar to use as dipping sauce for your food as well. What are you waiting for? Come by and enjoy some delicious sizzling BBQ at Volcano.


We offer 7 different flavors of hot pot broth with everyone on the table having their own flavor and soup to cook in. The soups we offer are original, herbal, spicy (mala), pork bone, tomato, miso, and tom yum. We have fresh seafood, noodles, vegetables, etc. that are available for you to cook inside the simmering pot of broth. Unlimited seafood such as crawfish, blue crab, clams, etc. for everyone on the table to enjoy. Everything is also paired well with a well-equipped sauce bar with different condiment and traditional Chinese sauces.